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tv   [untitled]    May 23, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> hi, so recently the sac's been working on the e cigarette proposal that's going to second reading tonight so i guess we'll get to that later. and finally the entire sac team will reunite for our last meeting and reflect on our accomplishments this friday, may 16, and awards will be provided to the student leaders for their hard work. thank you. >> thank you. counsel report, none tonight. public comment, there are none. consent calendar, can i have a motion and so he could please? >> second. >> thank you. any items that you [inaudible] by the superintendent. any items removed for first reading by the board? any items severed by the board? >> i have a question about one item.
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it's not going to affect my vote. i don't know if we can just -- i feel bad. >> are we allowed to address that question now? >> you are, madam president. >> okay. so if you don't mind -- >> i'm wondering on k 21, the soft order process, the national school lunch program application, is that a new program or is this something we've been doing and if you don't have the answer right now, you can get it to me later in the meeting, please. >> yes. >> okay, so mr. steel, you'll take note of the question, please. >> i will. >> thank you commissioner norton. any items severed by the board of superintendents for discussion of vote. seeing none, the roll call vote will take place under section o. item 8, it is a recommendation for amending board of education updated current version to
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include changes and additional language. this is already heard in committee on april 16 and was given a positive recommendation from the committee. reading of the resolution by the superintendent is [inaudible]. >> yes. >> great. >> thank you very much. good evening superintendent and commissioners. i am donna, and it's my pleasure to read this action, this resolution, number 144-22, superintendent's proposal number 1. i want to give a big shout out to the sac for helping to present in april to the rules
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committee as well as to the board. so thank you very much. this is the recommendation for amending board of education policy on the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs to update its current version to include change and additional language. and the requested action is that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district approve and support the actions to amend the current use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs policy, to prohibit the use of products containing nicotine, such as electronic cigarettes and all vapor emitting devices with or without nicotine content, including hooka, which mimics the use of tobacco products. >> any public speakers, i see none signed up tonight.
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comments on the board of superintendent. seeing none, think we're ready for a roll call vote. >> thank you. miss [inaudible]. >> yes. >> mr. logan. mr. haney. >> yes. >> miss mendoza-mcdonnell. >> yes. >> thank you. miss norton. >> yes >> miss wynns. >> yes. >> that's seven is. >> item i, this is moved and seconded on march 25, 2014. the committee report from curriculum committee, commission erer maufus.
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[inaudible]. >> therefore be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district update the student and handbook for the 2014, 15 year to allow schools to set their on policies relating to hats, caps and other head coverings in school and remove any district wide restrictions on these items provided they do not restriction on student head coverings for religious purposes, allow students to wear hats and other head coverings in the schools and outdoor spaces as required by state law and remove any irrelevant provisions of the dress appearance standards and
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remove add language prohiblting the use of suspension or policy. therefore be it further resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district request that the soup soup prior to the beginning of the 2014, 15 school year principals and provide the principals with training and consistent application of the standard and provide support to principals in the collaborative development of these standards. and further be it resolved, the standards should be including students and staff and provide the principals with training. be it further resolved if schools have different dress codes that these be disseminated to all studented rs eds and families. >> thank you.
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no public speakers signed up. >> commissioner norton. >> i have a couple questions. one specifically, how would you determine what were irrelevant provisions of the student handbook? what standard are we using for that. >> at the committee meeting we went into [inaudible] the that would be stricken from the record. i don't have that with me now, but i'd be happy to share it with you. >> i imagine there's opportunity for input on that because the resolution itself doesn't really say which lines are stricken. >> that's correct.
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i think the spirit of that line is that we want to try to capture the spirit of our community values and since the last time the policy was updated has been quite a number of years so we want to be as current as possible. >> i guess this recently came up in a household that i'm familiar with, a teen that i may or may not know well. [laughter] -- was unhappy that the skirt length rule at her particular middle school was changed from the length of fingertips to -- i can't remember what it was. but it did seem like there's still a lot of opportunity for inconsistency. while i approve of the balance you're trying to set here, which is let school communities have standard, but at the same time i think it would be good if we can go through and make
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sure that there's at least baseline language that makes sense on a global level because i think there's a lot of opportunity for inconsistency and arbitrary decision making. >> commissioner wynns. >> seems to me that one of the big issues is about hats and wearing them outside. and there are lots of stories about principals having issues with this and so i completely agree that, you know, we haven't update -- we haven't paid attention to the issue of religious and other practices that require head coverings to be worn all the time. i don't want to go through every school and it's not our job. our job is to make sure we make it easier, not harder to have those decisions be made clear at the school and to make a
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decision about who's going to make the decisions and what they're going to be. i want to know how much discussion there's been with the principals of the secondary schools, deans, people that actually deal with this, what they think about this, if anything. i'm betting they have thoughts and opinions on this. and also where has that gotten and ifitis it's going to be happening going forward if we can be updated on that one, because i know that's where the tension's going to lie, i think. >> you are correct. there's a wide variance in policy and practice across the district. i think the nice thing about the way it's being put in this policy is that schools gets to make their own -- get to have the conversation of the community and come up with
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what's right for them. having said that, i think there will still be issues with the individual hat here and there because it's something that does get people very upset, but the hope is that the commissioner norton talks about will be avoided when the community has a full discussion about what the expectations in each school community are. >> i just -- you know, as those conversations take place, what's clearly happened is that, you know, we used to regard wearing hats as something that you only did outside and not as part of, you know, fashion or outfits, except for non school occasions, so i would be interested in what kind of discussions take place about that and especially because i'm also going to anticipate that questions that really do affect policy that will and should be
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interesting and germane to our discussion should come up in those discussions and would be good for us to hear about them. >> commissioner wynns, commissioner norton, i think you bring up good points here. part of our theory of action is to engage our site leaders, counsels, communities. obviously there are situations where as a matter of student safety there may be certain articlings that students shouldn't wear, but communities are best situated to have those conversations and we think they'll come to some agreement. i think the best way to characterize our a preach as going forward would be in more of a defined autonomy. there are certain standards that we want to make sure that everyone has in the district and within those standards, that there is some autonomy for communities to make their decisions, but given that this is a new change, we fully anticipate we will come back to the board at the beginning of
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the next school year and through a committee that we identify, make a report to the board. what has happened, have we made any major changes, what's the feeling temperature out there. >> commissioner haney. >> yeah, i really appreciate that comment from the superintendent. i think that this is going to be an evolving conversation and part of why this is brought forward is because it's been a changing and evolving conversation in our schools. there have been a number of schools who have brought forward a process, included staff members, students, parents and decided to change their dress codes, as related to hats particularly. and we now have the majority of high schools who have moved in that direction by setting up inclusive processes. what this polg say is intended to do is reflect current practice to say that that's something we want to encourage, something we want to support in our schools, for them to have
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those conversations as school communities and not dictate as we have been doing, even though not everybody was following this policy, clearly, that there was a one size fits all approach to this. i think what many schools were findsing -- and again, now, there's also a challenge with a difference across the schools and that's where i think there's going to need to be continued oversight and in the future we may as a board want to decide there are a little more consistency we want to create around certain standards, but at least when it came to hats and head gear, there was a growing recognition on the pard of our schools that there were many valid reasons for students to want to wear hats. some cultural, some religious, some personal. those voices were being brought to the table and processes set up by schools and they made their own decision that what was right for them to no longer
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prohibit hats. some schools actually felt they couldn't go through that process because there was a district wide prohibition. they told me directly that we might want to do this and have that conversation, but we can't because there's a district wide rule around that, so that's why this is necessary, but also some clarity related to the religious piece, the outdoor piece and then ensuring that students aren't sent home for this. there's a lot of things we do in schools, but our educational purposes is clearly the most important piece of what we're here to do and i heard feedback from teachers that they want to enl kate students, talk with them about their homework and about whether they're learning, what's being delivered in class and not have to focus all of their time on minor rules that maybe are not the bes for that school community so it's also important to respect our staff and respect the realities that they face everyday and the pressures on their time. that's where it's coming from,
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but for the commissioners points around the challenges of consistency, i think that's something we need to continue to be aware of, but that with this particular question, the folks who are in the best position to answer it are the people on the ground, our teachers, staff, students themselves and parents and principals to make the decision for what's right for them in their schools. >> commissioner maufus. >> thank you president fewer. i want to support what commissioner haney's comments were just now. for all those reasons, i really am supportive and will be supporting this hands down because i think there was an incredible amount of time wasted dealing with hats at school sites, whether it was the principal or students or teachers having to struggle around that and not focusing on education, which is why we are
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at a school site anyway. in regards to consistency, i think to get that ball rolling, i'd like to suggest superintendent, that this very simple conversation come to our administrators institute. i think that's the first time that our administrators come back to school, they gather to be amongst each other to talk about what's new in the district, any main date that is have come down from the board you're giving them a his up about that. i think this is the perfect opportunity when they're gathered in one place to give them a heads up so -- and it is -- it would be wonderful for them to take this back to their school community. i hope you'll take that friendly suggestion.
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>> yes. >> i'd like to thank commissioner haney for bringing this up because a lot of students at the school i go to would really like to address this problem and just extending a thank you. >> superintendent. >> so we want to thank everyone for the suggestions and there's going to be a lot of dialogue that's going to happen. i want to remind the parents out there that your voice is going to be very important, but also our students, your voice is going to be important as well. there's just a myriad of things we're going to be looking at. is it okay to cover your eyes while in school with a hat? there's a million little
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variations we're going to have to work through, but i will say i was not supported when i requested that we absolutely privilege the giants and 49ers over any other head gear at all times, especially during the world series. >> i accept that amendment. >> i just want to thank commissioner haney also, but we certainly have had our share of questions and challenges around this. my kids both went to school and had uniforms so to -- that kind of shifted and the conversation we had around that was very interesting. i was talking to my son about this last night, 16-year-old sophomore in high school, he sends his thanks. >> i want to say about the consistency, the thing that concerned me about this resolution the most is that as students transfer from one high school to the next, that if we
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don't have consistent policy, they might be in violation of policies without knowing it, but i am reassured that [inaudible] as punishment for the violation [inaudible] which i think is long overdue, so i think we're ready for vote. >> thank you. mr. logan. >> yes. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> miss maufus. >> yes. >> miss mom mom. mendoza-mcdonnell. >> yes. >> mr. wynns. >> yes. >> miss fewer. >> seven is. >> thank you very much. request to speak regarding general matters. i have a few people on this list. if i mispronounce your name i apologize. i have adrian, susan sullivan, darcy, annio, betty
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robertson, cassie. please come up to speak. you have two minutes each. thank you. >> good evening commissioners, superintendent carranza. i'm susan solomon, executive vice president of united educators of san francisco. today was a very disappointing day in bargaining, in fact an insulting day. everyday our members work hard inclusive practices, yes, we'll do that. multitiered systems of support, of course. safe and supportive schools, yes, we want that. ap classes for all. a to g classes, yes.
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cla, iwa, smarter balance, sometimes in two languages, we do it. common core standards we're there too. we're there for school safety, curriculum implementation for taking care of little kids and kids with special needs. they get kids on buses, address truancy. and for all that work and more that we do everyday, on what we were told was on your authority, we got an offer of a mere 2 percent raise for this year, 3 percent next year and 3 percent the year after that, with no reopeners, no help with rising family medical costs, 10 cents per hour for para longevity if they manage to stay for 15 years. and again, no reopeners so we can talk about it some more.
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this is so disrespectful for the work we do. imagine what our schools would like if in response to that disrespect there were no educators for a day. thank you. >> two minutes please. please press the button. >> kathy, i was really insulted and disgusted by that email this afternoon that was cosigned. i want to remind everybody in this room that this is a school district. it would not exist without the schools. the purpose is to educate the students. in that sense, the priorities of this board should be to educate the children, followed by to support the educators of the children. the district in this district and the board have seriously lost their way. you need to have budget
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priorities that focus on the classroom. any money spent outside the classroom is misappropriated. the bloat in this building alone is sucking the life blood of this school district, sucking money away from our children, it's the pet projects, the extraneous programs that are frankly prioritized by this board that are parasitic on the schools. we're funded to teach this district, but our schools are closing, our class sizes are high, our educators are leaving. imagine a district with no students or teachers. the governors today said there was more money coming to the schools. the school district should spend it in the schools, in the classrooms, prioritize what we do, pay the educators, pay the teachers. thank you. [applause]
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>> good evening, my name is darcy, i'm a first grade teacher at share dan elementary school. i'm trained and constantly urged to meet the needs of my students and i try to do that everyday. takes about 12 hours a day to do it. i may be naive and foolish, but i look to you, the district, and expect that you will also take care of me, the para professionals at my site and the other educators there. today i had some of that faith and you shattered. you know how much money the employees have given back to this district to keep it going when times were bad. you know how much money will be coming to you because we all work for proposition 30. you heard today how much more money will come to the schools because the economy has been good and your negotiators with you authority offered me a 2 percent raise.
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and you think this is the promised taking care of our employees that we keep hearing about from the superintendent and the school board. i think it's time the stop playing around. my students in first grade know that playing ing around time is for recess time. this is school time, we have serious work to do and there is a lesson to be learned and that has to do with prioritizing. teachers and parents gave the district $60 million over the past four yours. prop 30 will double your funds over the next few years. today the golf nor put 469 million into prop 98 guarantees. today you are wealthier than you have ever been and you offer me and my colleagues 2 percent. 2 percent into 6,000 teachers does not work. look instead at your priorities.
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what have you brought this year? 175 new tsas, a floor full of administrators, curriculum experts, if you can spend money on these things, you can spend money on the people who do the work with the children who are your charges. s, if you can spend money on these things, you can spend money on the people who do the work with the children who are your charges. >> good morning, i'm on the bargaining team. i don't know if you realize this or not, but we live in the most expensive city in the nation. the cost of living here has gone up 15.2 percent. 15.2 percent and then a 2 percent raise. we have given millions back in concessions, we've asked for nothing all this time. we're asking for almost to get caught up to the cost of living.
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be real about it. seriously. thank you. [applause] >> i'm dennis kelly, as you know several of the people who just spoke to you don't usually come and talk to you. they are members of our bargaining team who prefer to stay behind and not do that kind of work, but what came across the table today absolutely infuriated people and i cannot convey to you how deeply people felt hurt. we expect there to be some sort of partnership. when we tell you this is a very important year for raising the respect for para professionals, and you offer one dime per hour after 15 years, we know you're not serious. when you say that you do it [inaudible] we are a little stunned because these are not the kind of things the members
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of the board of education say to us. when your negotiators tell us that there are 179 members of our members deserve a 7 percent raise, but nobody else, what in the hell do your negotiators doing telling us what kind of a raise. do we go into your negotiators should make how much money and why? we may have good thoughts about that and good evidence about it, but we don't go and do that kind of thing to you. today's experience at the board across the table was absolutely insulting, frustrating and it made people angry. and you know when people are angry, they want to lash out and do things. we are trying to live within the constraints of the collective bargaining process. as lock as as n